Ô Muse Premier Cru

L'Or Bleu,

Natural Spring Water, Still


«Water is at the scale of cosmos rarer than gold…  » Hubert Reeves



At the heart of the natural regional park of the Vosges Mountains, surrounded by fabulous vineyards, in a preserved environment, the Ô Muse Premier Cru Spring Water probably known in the Roman epoch has been discovered in 1272 by a Franciscan monk.


In 1838, the source became famous in the whole Europe. On March, the 29th 1865, the Ô Muse Premier Cru was declared as national public interest by an imperial decree made by Napoleon the 3rd and after advice from the Medicine Academy of Paris. 



It takes decades for Ô Muse Premier Cru spring water to slowly infiltrate the sandstone of the Vosges Mountains and reach its extraction point.


Composition (mg/L)


Nitrates: 5 – Ph: 6.5 – Potassium: 14 – Sodium: 61 – Sulfates: 29 – Calcium: 73 – Magnesium: 28 – Bicarbonates: 486 – TDS: 450


Average annual production


26 million bottles


Tasting advice  


To drink within 3 days after opening

To keep away from sunlight and to store in a cool and dry area
Tasting temperature: 14°C



Food Pairing :


Ô Muse Premier Cru is the perfect match for sweet desserts, sweet and sour dishes and spicy food…



Wine Pairing :


For the wine, Ô Muse Premier Cru is the perfect water to clean the palate before wine tastings and it also the perfect match with Champagnes



Spirit Pairing :


Bringing out more peppery peat, iodine and brine notes on the nose.

Delivering unripe fruits and cereal aromas experience on the tongue.

The Ô Muse Premier Cru is definitely friend with Islay Whisky.



Tasting Note :


Light and fresh with a fine slightly sweet and gentle velvety final.

With a ph of 6.5 and low mineralization for daily health benefits and constant pleasure


Here are the secrets of the Premier Cru Spring Water that you can drink every day and which will always be the promise of a great vintage.


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