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Ô Muse Aristocratic

Water of the kings, King of the waters

Natural Mineral Water, Still


«Glasses of water have the same passion as oceans…  » Victor Hugo


800 feet above sea level in an area designated as “Protected Zone” and “Area of marvelous natural beauty” by the Environment Agency.

Particularly low in both Sodium and Nitrates


Ô Muse Single Source is bottled in an idyllic village nestling in the foothills of the Mountains on the England / Welsh border.


Records show that the local village hall was originally built as a bottled water factory in the early 1900’s.


Ô Muse Single Source was bottled in glass and sent primarily for sale in London, where it was noted for its exceptional quality and mineral content. 



Filtration through the rock strata for many years before it emerges to the surface in the Rocky Mountains.


Composition (mg/L)


Nitrates: 5.3 – Ph: 7.4 – Potassium: 0.57 –

Sodium: 5.9 – Sulfates: 6.89 –Calcium: 42 –

Magnesium: 7.28 –Bicarbonates: 114 – TDS: 128


Average annual production


7 million bottles

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Tasting advice  


To drink within 3 days after opening

To keep away from sunlight and to store in a cool and dry area
Tasting temperature: 14°C



Food Pairing:


Ô Muse Single Source is the perfect match for delicatessen, salmon, barbecue…



Wine Pairing:


For the wine we will love a young dry white wine for example from Rhône Valley.



Spirit Pairing:


Bringing out more of the sweet honeyed and citrus fruit notes on the nose.

Delivering a softer, sweeter and smooth rounded taste experience on the tongue.

The mineral-soft Ô Muse Single Source is definitely friend with Speyside Whisky



Tasting Note:


Soft, Light and clear, slightly metallic on the palate cause of its very low mineral content and also slightly astringent

With a ph of 7.4 and low mineralization for daily health benefits and constant pleasure


Here is the secret of the water of the kings, king of the water that you can drink everyday.


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