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Good Living is a Priority

The Sources of Ô Muse have made excellence in the Water Industry combining 300 years of expertise into the Wine and Spirits Industry.

Based on a rich past and a tradition rooted in the Bordeaux and Champagne soil, the Ô Muse Spirit has been transmitted from generation to generation, establishing a real connection between wine, spirits and water.


Health benefits, terroirs, pairings and high quality are use to be known as determining factors of great wines and in the Ô Muse philosophy it rapidly turned to be as important for the water.

Over the last decade, Ô Muse invested in France and internationally. Always looking for the best waters, wines and spirits, collaborating with starred Michelin Chefs, prestigious hotels and gourmets…

The aim of Ô Muse is to bring on your table the greatest water from the world, in the finest bottle.  All the waters are carefully selected, analyzed and followed from the ground to the glass, the analysis are easily and entirely accessible, behind a bottle is one and only source.

Today Ô Muse is successfully producing and distributing 2 different waters to the borders of the five continents.

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