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Ô Muse has been inspired by hundreds years of experience into the Fine Wine & Water Industry. Remaining family owned and proudly independent to this day, it is with distinction and elegance that the family never ceased to search for excellence

Maintaining a high level of requirements and expertise, Ô Muse philosophy is well defined by its motto: “Good Living is a Priority”

Utterly devoted to express the best from the most prestigious terroirs in the world and to bring on your table, to your body and to your mind the full purity of very fine waters

Supplying highly reputed corporate and private clients with the same great humility and the same confidence, to serve the best  quality over the years

Example of continuity, reliability, innovation and success, Ô Muse is working with passion, tradition, goodwill and pride.


Allow yourself to discover a sensory excursion where pleasure, rarity and exception are blended harmoniously

The name Ô Muse exists since 1715 when the great great … grandfather

of the current owner wrote a poem to a lady which ultimately became his wife.

The poem started with the words Ô Muse and a tradition was born.

Copyright © Ô Muse Waters All rights reserved.

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