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 Health Benefits 


La Précieuse Bordelaise from Natural Mineral Source


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          A « detoxifying » power (Low mineralization, dry residue 354mg/L)


Known historically for its effect on the diuresis, the Ô Muse Grand Cru helps to fight against the accumulation of toxins of any origin and helps to promote their natural elimination. It plays an essential role on the renal and urinary tract without tiring the body. , Ô Muse Grand Cru helps people who have functional problems of the kidney, the renal lithiasic and for people affected by chronic infections of the urinary ways



          Zero Nitrates 


Ô Muse Grand Cru is purely free of any nitrates. Therefore it can be consumed on a daily basis by babies as well as any member of the family



          A natural alkalinity (ph level of 8.2)


A unique power and an unequaled level of natural alkalinization, thanks to its ph level which is the highest of all the mineral waters. It helps to regulate the acidification of the body constantly subjected to the diverse ambient pollution occurring in today’s world



          A capacity of Rehydration thanks to high sodium rate (100mg/L) without having a salty taste


It contributes to a better hydration of the body and helps to fight against «Oxidative stress» (present in very active, stressed, sportive people or in the ageing population)



          Naturally very antioxidizing (Rh2 : 17.2 )


The lowest content in selenium of all the mineral waters helps to fight against the high production of free radicals

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