Tasting advice 


To drink within 3 days after opening

To keep away from sunlight and to store in a cool and dry area
Tasting temperature: 14°C



Food Pairing:


Slightly iodine and rich, Ô Muse Grand Cru is the perfect match for rich meal such as Dishes with sauce, red meat, fish, mushroom…



Wine Pairing:

For the wine we will love a fine red wine for example from Bordeaux as the body of Ô Muse will be the best friend of the Tannins.



Spirit Pairing:


Unlocking additional layers of floral, herbal and peaty notes on the nose.

Providing a more intense and intriguing textural experience (chalky minerality) on the tongue.

The mineral-rich Ô Muse Grand Cru is definitely friend with Highland Whisky.



Tasting Note:


Unctuous, quite rich and full on the palate with harmonious roundness and good length.

With a ph of 8.2, low mineralization and zero nitrates for daily health benefits and constant pleasure.


Here are the secrets of the only Grand Cru that you can drink every day and which will always be the promise of a great vintage.


Ô Muse Grand Cru

La Précieuse Bordelaise,

Natural Mineral Water,Still


« Galileo said: Wine is sunlight held together by water… in Bordeaux this water is a Grand Cru » Grégory Joinau-Baronnet


After 500 years of filtration through several layers of sandstone, limestone and clay aquifers, Ô Muse Grand Cru comes from the oldest French mountains of Auvergne to the deepest source in France.


Drawn at 472 meters from the ground to your glass and untouched by the human hand. Surrounded by the largest Pines’ forest in Europe (la Forêt des Landes), created and protected by Napoleon III in 1855 (same time as our Grand Cru Classification).


On June 30th, 1925 the Medical Academy, closely followed by the French Government on July 10th, 1925 certified the beverage as imparting unique health benefits.



Sandstone, limestone and clay aquifers



Composition (mg/L)


Nitrates: 0 – Ph:8.2 – Potassium: 4 –

Sodium: 100 – Sulfates: 8 – Calcium: 19 – Magnesium: 9 –Bicarbonates: 127 – TDS: 354



Average annual production


43 million bottles

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